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If your home was built between 1965 and 1973, there is a good chance you have aluminum branch electrical wiring. Branch electrical wiring refers to the wires which connect receptacles, switches, lights and other electrical devices.

Problems With Aluminum Wiring

The major problem with aluminum wiring is that the wires are not durable. The wires are often too small for the smaller 15 to 20 amps found in wiring for homes. This creates a risk of heat build-up. Additionally, there can often be a problem where the wires wrap around electrical devices because oxidation can cause the wires to disintegrate. This creates a fire hazard.

Aluminum is soft and more malleable than copper. Therefore, it expands as it gets hotter. This can cause a gap to develop between the wire and connector. As the gap widens, the wire gets hotter to the point it could burn out or ignite.

Warning Signs of Aluminum Wiring

If you have noticed no outward problems with your home’s electrical wiring, you may think you don’t have to worry about upgrading. However, you must keep in mind that aluminum wiring will eventually fail and you will have to replace the wiring if you want to avoid potential problems and dangers such as fire.

Take note of lights that dim or brighten when a motor starts. Flickering lights can indicate a bad connection. Be concerned if appliances or other electrical devices suddenly stop working. If you smell burning plastic or observe smoke, sparks or a flame you have a problem.

If you suspect aluminum wiring, get an inspection. A professional will be able to tell you if you if you need to upgrade.

When you’re buying a new home, remodeling an older home, or applying for a new or refinanced mortgage, electrical inspections are a vital part of the process. In the United States each year, electrical fires account for approximately 51,000 fires, resulting in nearly 500 deaths and $1.3 billion in damages. Routine home electrical inspections could very well save the life of you or your loved ones and prevent the loss of irreplaceable valuable keepsakes.

Our team of qualified licensed electricians are trained to look for potential problems in aluminum wiring, unsafe electrical service panels, grounding issues and missing GFCI protections. We go beyond a regular home inspection and thoroughly inspect everything from wiring and devices to overall home electrical systems in order to identify potential electrical problems that could result in devastating loss of life or property. We follow all electrical codes specified by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), and ensure your home meets those standards both inside and out.

Our exterior inspection includes checking for exposed wiring or any grounding issues. We’ll check your main circuit box and ensure all wires are connected properly and marked correctly, as well as being secured to your house safely. We will determine if and ensure that all outdoor outlets are certified GFCI, which provides much greater protection from electrical shock than a standard outlet.

Our interior inspection of your home will include checking for proper function, polarity and tightness of all outlets and switches as well as making sure certified GFCIs are installed in all areas where water could be present. We will inspect all bulb wattages and make corrections where they are needed, and ensure proper operation of all telephone, network and cable jacks. Faulty wiring, whether inside or outside of your home, are main culprits of home fires, and our certified electricians will carefully check all wiring for potential risk factors.

Electrical systems are delicate and potentially dangerous, not recommended as a DIY project. Our trained electricians are skilled professionals with the knowledge and understanding of all applicable codes and regulations. Your home is your biggest investment, your family’s safety is priceless. Put your trust in our team of electricians to thoroughly inspect your biggest investment, and you’ll have the peace of mind knowing your home and your family is safe.

Your home’s electric panels is a gray box that is located in your garage, hallway, or basement. Filled with several category switches called breakers, flipping these will cause a temporary power outage until they are re-engaged. If these switches are flipped or tripped frequently, it can mean that your electrical panel may not be able to handle the amperage, creating a potentially unsafe scenario for homeowners. If you notice frequent tripping, unexplained outages, and erratic performance, then it is best to contact your local technician for an inspection.

What Signs Should I Look For?

Your electrical panels were adequate when subjugated with the electrical needs of the past. However, the modern home uses a lot more electricity. According to the United States Energy Information Administration, the modern home uses about 11,000-kilowatt hours per day, about 900 kilowatt-hours a month. Energy-zapping televisions, space heating devices, and just the sheer number of devices contribute to that figure. The electrical panel sometimes struggles to keep up. Usually, these types of setups need to be completely replaced to accommodate electrical use.

Upgrading Your Electrical Panel

The biggest reason to update your panels is due to safety. The main benefit of an upgrade is that your home will be protected from potential fire hazard due to overloaded circuits. You can sleep well, knowing that you did your best to ensure that your home and family are safe. An updated panel and electrical system can also add to your home’s resale value.

Call our professional electricians today for assistance on upgrading your electrical panel.

Some of the most troublesome issues any home or business can face today are electrical problems, largely because everything we depend on for our daily tasks and chores, from toasters to computers, will only work when plugged into an electrical outlet. Electrical problems are not only annoying, if allowed to continue, they can become downright dangerous, and can pose the risk of fire and electrocution. It is because of this that, when the lights start flickering, outlets stop working, or you suddenly find yourself feeling your way in the dark, it’s time to call the pros.

Some of the most common electrical problems property owners can face are those in which their lights start dimming for no apparent reason. This problem is often described as lights “acting strangely” and includes lamps and fixtures suddenly lowering their intensity either intermittently or permanently. This usually happens when large appliances, such as the refrigerator or washer, get turned on, and it can point to a wiring or capacity problem.

Some other issues include abnormal behavior in appliances, electrical outlets that seem to work sporadically, random power glitches, blowing fuses, frequently tripping breakers, the inability to maintain several appliances working at once without losing power, and others. If you are facing these issues, it becomes necessary to find the source of the problem so as not to run into a dangerous situation.

When troubleshooting electrical problems, the most important step is to observe the issue itself. Does it happen at a certain time? Are you running the same appliances each time it happens? Is the problem confined to a specific area or is it general? The answers to these questions could lead to an overloaded circuit or outlet, or even point in the direction of a more complicated problem. In some cases, the use of a voltage meter, circuit tester and tracing can become necessary.

Electrical troubleshooting and repairs are not something that should be ignored and it’s always a good idea to call the professionals to not only fix the issue, but find the source and ensure it doesn’t become a repetitive problem. So, when you find your lights are starting to act funny, give us a call and we will be happy to help.

Once thought of as a luxury item for the well-to-do, as our homes and our lives have become more dependent on electrical appliances and electronic devices, backup residential generators have become more of a necessity. Too often with rolling blackouts, an aging electrical infrastructure and more instances of severe weather homeowners have increasingly found themselves with homes that are completely inoperable and left many with little choice but to plan ahead and provide their own electrical service just as people used to stock food for emergencies.

Residential Generator Options

There are two basic types of residential generators that you can buy for your home. You can choose from either a portable generator or an automatic unit. They both serve the same basic purpose with the main differences in the two is a matter of convenience, cost and available size.

An automatic or standby generator will, in the event of a power failure, start itself and then switch power to through the designed circuits to power your desired appliances. With a portable generator, you have to run drop cords and hook up those appliances you want to power by hand. Then start the generator.

While there are larger portables available, you will normally be very limited as to how many and what size electrical devices you will be able to provide power for. Standby generators, on the other hand, can be sized to provide as much or little electrical power as you may desire. It is not unusual to have systems that run complete homes including HVAC systems.

Another consideration that you may want to take into account is fuel usage. Automatic generators come in models designed to run on gasoline, diesel, propane and LPG. These last two are particularly convenient. They give you the freedom to supply as much fuel as may be necessary for long periods without power. A portable generator, on the other hand, will pretty well restrict you to using gasoline as a fuel and it will have to be refueled by hand every few hours in order to keep providing service.

To further explore your options in residential generators, contact Electric Gladiators Now.

Remodeling or adding on to your home can take on many forms. From simply adding a new coat of paint and changing light fixtures to create a certain mood to adding extra living space. Whether you are looking to spruce up your current living area or at a major project like the addition of a bathroom or remodeling of a kitchen, one thing you will need is an electrical contractor you can trust.

You need an electrical contractor that can sit with you, discuss your overall vision for your home and the budget restraints that you will be working under. They need to be able to help you separate the have to haves, from the want to haves and give you honest advice on what is and isn’t possible within your budget and the current electrical standards.

There are strict regulations that govern the design and installation of all electrical work for very good reasons. Each circuit must be properly sized, laid out and constructed from the proper components to not only provide electrical service but also to protect you and your home from mishaps. As an example, all electrical plugs in bathrooms nationwide must be GFCI protected electrical circuits to prevent you from receiving dangerous shocks if water should somehow be introduced into the circuit.

Electrician Pro Today’s nationwide network of electricians have the knowledge and skills necessary to make your dream home a reality. From minor home remodeling task like replacing out of date electrical outlets and lighting fixtures to creating the electrical design for a major addition and then coordinating with the other contractors to see that everything goes as planned, they are experts in home remodels and additions.

If you are in need of quality electrical work at reasonable prices with a dedication to customer service, contact Electric Gladiators today!

With proper positioning, your outdoor lights can highlight your home’s architectural features, creating an enchanting ambiance after sundown. We specialize in installation, repair and maintenance services for your varied outdoor lighting needs in Seattle and surrounding areas.

Landscape Lighting
Our professional lighting experts will enhance your shrubs, sidewalks, gardens, entryways and other special features with excellent landscape lighting solutions. We will arrive at your premises to discuss the available options and develop a customized lighting plan that works best for your landscape design and layout.

Security Lighting
When you’re considering an outdoor security lighting for your home, brightness and motion sensors are two characteristics to consider. Our qualified electricians are ready to help you choose an outdoor security lighting solution that is going to provide you with a feeling of safety and comfort.

Pool Lighting
Whether you are out to make your pool feel more safe, appealing or functional, you can trust our expert technicians to find a lighting system that is just right. We can install a variety of pool lights in the safest manner possible, so no matter the type of pool lighting you decide on, we can handle it.

LED Retrofit Lighting
As a full-service lighting company, we deliver the very best in quality installation in LED lighting retrofitting services. With our customized, turn-key LED Retrofit program, you can easily reduce your energy consumption with no effect on your day to day operations.

Lighting Installation
We have the skills and equipment to install top quality lighting systems at a great value. We can help you choose the lighting products and placement from small fixtures to giant chandeliers to help you meet your needs and budget.

Low Voltage Lighting
Our low voltage lighting systems are appealing, energy efficient and provide safety in your Seattle home. We will advise on how to incorporate low volt lights into your home’s interior and exterior lighting design to save money on your electrical bills.

Enhance your home, garden or any outdoor space with our beautiful lighting solutions. Contact us today to set up a consultation with our experienced lighting designers.

Anytime the voltage becomes too high in an electrical circuit, a power surge will result. A surge protector is needed to redirect excess energy away from your electrical devices to keep them from being damaged. We are a leading electrical company providing a full range of surge protection services in Seattle. We install whole house surge protection devices to prevent structural damage to your electrical wiring and keep your plug-in electronics from voltage spikes and electro-static damage. Our surge protection program offers you quality protection to help put your family’s safety and comfort first.

What Causes Electrical Power Surges?
There are a number of ways that surges occur. One of the most common is when lightning strikes near a power line causing a drastic voltage spike that results in a power surge leading to the potential damage of electrical components. There is also the more routine and damaging daily surges caused by large home appliances cycling (turning on and off). Although the voltage spikes inside the electrical current may not be apparent to the naked eye, it may lead to the deterioration of your electrical equipment over time. Other reasons include downed power poles, cut power lines, faulty wiring, construction work, etc.

With the expanded use of complex electronics that use significant amounts of energy, having a special surge protection system becomes a definite necessity. You can make a big difference in increasing your home’s safety and protecting your electronics and appliances by investing in a whole home surge protection solution. By pushing extra voltage towards the ground, you save a lot from not having to make costly repairs or replace expensive equipment (such as your AC). Our skilled electricians will match the right protection to your needs at an affordable rate.

If you are interested in a surge protection service for your home, don’t hesitate to contact us today for more information as well as to get your accurate estimate.

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